17 2004

Attention! Action! Choose Peoples housewife!

Another competition was launched by Express-newspaper and Michail Filimonov (look for the issue from 10th of June at www.filimonka.ru or www.eg.ru). Seven women-applicants are represented to the public, they are ready to cook healthy and useful meals for the inhabitants of peoples flat on Mir Prospectus Alexander Panajotov and Alexey Chumakov for some certain money compensation. Every one willing to participate in the competition should guess, which of seven beautiful women of different ages would be chosen as a housewife for peoples artists. Send your variants on e-mail filimonov@filimonka.ru.
The results will be announced in one of the further issues of EN. The winner, who would guess the taste of peoples, will get an unique opportunity to visit with Michail Filimonov and other invited guests the Birth Day of Alexander Panajotov, who will be 20 years old on 1st of July!

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