21 2004

Birth Day of Eugeny Fridland

The significant person in Russian show-business Eugeny Fridland will celebrate his 37th anniversary on 21st of June in the Capital of Latvia. The transfer of celebration from Moscow to Riga is connected with the professional activity of the producer. The point is that the remarkable date has coincided with organized by FBI-Music festival Urmala gathers friends. Alexander Marshal, Prime Ministr band, Boris Moiseev, the winner of the Peoples Artist project ALexey Goman, Assorti band, Alexey Chumakov and Alexander Panajotov are invited to the gala-concert opening the concert season of Riga shore, this concert will become a kind of rehearsal for the fight, because performance on the competition New Wave is waiting for them.
All the artists and friends of Eugeny Fridland know that the 21st of June is double holiday for him. Because it is the day, when the closest person for Eugeny his wife Jana was born. According to the words of the producer the thunder of applauses and the joy of the public on 18th of June in Dzintary hall in Urmala will become the best congratulation and presents for the birth day of Eugeny Fridland!!!

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