11 2004

Peoples Artist on Red Square

The preparations for the most responsible performance of peoples go with full throttle, on 12th of June the military-historical parade and concert of young talents from 89 regions of Russia will take place on Red Square devoted to the anniversary of Declaration of State Sovereignty of Russia Federation.
This year, according to the decision of Russia Presidents administration, the list of the most talented representatives of creative youth of Russia includes the finalists of the competition Peoples Artist. Alexey Goman, Alexander Panajotov, Alexey CHumakov, Masha Zaitseva, Arina Rits and Oxana Kazakova will perform the most famous and popular songs of recent decades.
The performance of Peoples Artist will take place in the very heart of Red Square the Lobnoe Mesto. Huge scenes will be located so, that the new stars of Russia will develop their performance in front of Kremlin walls, towers and the Red Square tribune, where about 500 of the most worthy and famous people from regions of Russia were invited to. They will observe with Moscow citizens the picturesque show.
The participation in the concert devoted to the Day of Independence of Russia is a great responsibility for our young stars. Though the guys have already experienced the performances in such famous halls as Kremlin Palace and SCCH Russia, the concert on Red Square demands very serious approach to the preparations, because peoples will perform on such big open scene for the first time. The organizers of the concert planned two rehearsals which let the singers to tune at necessary mood.
The holiday concert on the main square of the country will be broadcasted in live, which will add some joy excitement and an opportunity to prove that the country chose its Peoples Artists not in vain.

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