17 2004

We congratulate Oxana Kazakova!

The 17th of June is the birth day of Oxana Kazakova! Her birthday Oxana will celebrate in the train heading to Riga on the festival Urmala gathers friends among the colleagues from producer center FBI-Music. Oxana never has celebrated her birth day on wheels in her life, an in such large company, because all pupils of Eugeny Fridland and the friend of FBI-Music company go to Riga. The Peoples Artists paid all responsibility while choosing the presents for Oxana. On the platform of Riga train station, it was easy to define the colleagues of Oxana, according to amount of little bags and packages with presents. The guys decided to present the gifts to Oxana during the passing the point, equal-distant from Moscow Riga and St. Petersburg, the native city of the singer. And of course, smiles and songs of the friends will be the best presents for her in that holiday!
The FBI-Music company and Eugeny Fridland personally congratulated Oxana Kazakova with birth day, they with her to stay beauty, charming and talented! Happiness, health and creative successes!!!
Everybody willing to congratulate Oxana we offer to leave a message in her guest book!

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